An Introduction to Joker Wild Multihand Video Poker by NetEnt

Joker Wild Multihand from NetEnt is one of the simplest Video Poker games to follow, as its only special card is instantly recognizable. It’s a standard Joker, which can be represented by a number of different designs, but all of which serve the same function.

The Joker can substitute for any other card, making more winning Poker combinations possible and also creating extra combos like five-of-a-kind. In addition, Joker Wild Multihand let players bet on up to 10 hands at the same time, with any held card duplicated across all hands. This makes a lot more wins per round possible, which explains why so many keen casino fans are turning to multihand titles to get more out of their online Video Poker entertainment.

Video Poker is Only Against the Dealer

Where Video Poker scores over the older, table-based card game is the way in which it simplifies choices. Instead of trying to work out if opponents are bluffing, or assessing one’s hand in the light of all other bets, as one has to do in order to play traditional table Poker successfully, Joker Wild Multihand removes the distraction of other players completely. The player is competing against the house alone, and any winning combination is paid according to the Pay Table, with no chance that a player with a stronger hand can scoop the pot. It is this feature that attracts many online casino fans to Video Poker and titles like Joker Wild Multihand.

How to Play Joker Wild Multihand

Once a player has registered to play online at a casino, subject of course to the gambling laws in their country of residence, and chooing a Joker Wild Multihand game play is very easy. Like the gamblers of other favourites at, the player must first set the coin denomination they want to use, and the number of coins per bet. The must also decide how many hands they want to play in each game; most Joker Wild Multihand versions offer up to 10 games at a time.

Having set all the parameters, which should be adjusted so that the player can make their budget last as long as possible, the player places a bet and is dealt five cards. They can hold any natural winning combinations, or any cards that seem likely to make strong combinations, and then draw replacement cards for their discards. The held cards are standard across all hands played, but each hand will receive its own unique cards on the draw, making a variety of winning combos possible.

Wins Start at Two Kings

Many Video Poker titles require three of a kind at least for the lowest-value wins, but Joker Wild Multihand begins paying for a Pair of Kings or better, so Two Pairs also wins a prize. Prizes are quite low for the poorer combinations, so just one Pair of Kings winning on a round, for example, will pay less than the total amount wagered on all 10 hands. In this case, the player may want to use he Gamble feature, which allows them to double the win to a profitable amount, or risk losing it all. It goes without saying that big wins, which outstrip the value of the total wager, should not be gambled. The top win possible, for a natural Royal Flush on all 10 hands, is 4,000 coins.