Cluedo – Who Won It? Online Slot Reviewed

Cluedo is a classic board game involving the solving of a mystery murder. The game’s locations, murder objects, and characters have become infamous associations to mystery, and the candlestick, rope, lead pipe, library, Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, and Professor Plum are only a few of the famous icons of this game. The Cluedo – Who Won It? slots game by IGT draws on the popular Cluedo board game, and presents a slots mystery experience, focusing not on who did the crime, but on who won the jackpot.

The Game’s Setup

The basic setup of Cluedo – Who Won It? is similar to the board game. The characters of Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Mrs Peacock, Colonel Mustard, and Reverend Green are all represented, and the murder weapons are linked to the standard playing card symbols. Here, the nine is the candlestick, the ten the lead pipe, jack the rope, queen the wrench, king the dagger, and the ace is the revolver.

The background of the game is the mystery mansion in which the action takes place, and the game combines five reels and fifteen pay lines. The objective is to uncover the winning combinations. Cluedo – Who Won It? also offers scatter symbols, wild symbols, and a bonus magnifying glass symbol.

The Game Basics

To begin playing Cluedo – Who Won It?, players will need to choose the amount they wish to bet per line and the number of pay lines they wish to activate, which may be anything from one to fifteen. Once these selections have been made, like gamblers of this website, the player may go ahead and spin the reels in order to land the possible winning combinations and receive payouts.

Scatter and Wild Symbols

The scatter symbol in Cluedo – Who Won It? is a Cluedo picture frame. This scatter symbol does not activate the bonus feature, and the magnifying glass symbols will be required for that.

The wild symbol is a newspaper. This wild symbol may be used to substitute any of the other symbols, thereby creating the best possible winning combinations and helping players achieve higher payouts. The only symbols that may not be substituted with a wild newspaper symbol are the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol. The wild symbol also offers large payouts, and players landing multiple wild newspaper symbols will be able to redeem these. Landing five wild newspaper symbols will result in a two thousand five hundred coin prize payout.

The Cluedo – Who Won It? Bonus

By landing three of the bonus magnifying glass symbols, players will be taken to the bonus round. In this bonus round, players will have to choose a suspect, room, and weapon in line with the original Cluedo game play, and this will reveal large bonus prizes. A magnifying glass will move around the table and randomly stop on each symbol.

In this bound round, players have the chance to play three times. Once they have uncovered a prize, they can either click ‘Take Win’ or ‘Try Again’. Clicking ‘Take Win’ will end the bonus round, while clicking ‘Try Again’ will give players the chance to try again in the hopes of winning a larger prize. However, if a lower prize is won, players cannot revert back to a previous win.