Online Casino Mathematics at a Glance

Mathematics is an integral part of life, and this includes gaming. While millions of people think of it as a boring subject, mathematics can certainly liven up playing games of chance by improving players’ chances of winning.

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Uses of Online Casino Mathematics

A player’s first use of online casino mathematics happens when they work out how much money they intend to play with. This could be working out a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly gaming budget, or simply deciding how much to spend in one gaming session

Players generally next use mathematics when working out how much to bet on a game or round. This can be as simple as taking their budget into account, or it could involve the application of a betting strategy such as the Martingale system.

Approaching betting with a calculated system is preferable to going in with all guns blazing, as wagering decisions based on emotions or gut feel rely almost totally on luck, and place skill firmly on the back burner.

Players can also use online casino mathematics to determine the difference between different types of odds, which can influence whether or not a player plays a certain game, or how much they bet while playing.

If the odds are three for one, it means that, for every one coin a player bets, they could win two coins, as the original bet is forfeited. If the odds are three to one, it means that, for every one coin a player bets, they could win three coins.

Knowing the mathematical difference between types of odds such as these can help players at places like work out if their winnings are correct, or if the online casino at which they are playing has short-changed them.

Online Casino Mathematics and the Martingale System

One of the most highly regarded betting systems; the Martingale system requires players to use online casino mathematics in several ways.

The system uses negative progression, based on the assumption that players will experience many losses consecutively, before winning anything. The first use of mathematics in this case is when players calculate whether or not they have enough funds to keep the system going until they have actually won.

Another use of online casino mathematics takes place with every bet placed. In the Martingale system, based on bets at even money, players double the amount of the bet after every loss. So, if the first bet of two coins loses, the second bet will be four coins. If that bet loses, the third bet will be eight coins, and so on.

A win should be kept aside, after which players should return to placing single unit bets on even money.

Start Using Online Casino Mathematics

As can be seen, online casino mathematics can go a long way to improving players’ gaming at online and mobile casinos. From budgeting to betting strategies, using mathematics is a must for any player serious about their gaming.