US Open One of Golf’s Majors

Golf is an universally popular sport. Tournaments and competitions are held in every country around the world, with the USA being perhaps the world leader in the sport, and the tournaments held there include three majors and the most prestigious tournaments in the sport. Golf has its own sporting philosophy, a detailed golf etiquette, and a vocabulary all of its own.

A huge number of people play golf, whether professionally or recreationally, and an even greater number follow all the tournaments and competitions. A large proportion of these fans will be wagering on the game, and this wagering reaches a peak during the four major golf tournaments. The US Open is one of these four most prestigious golf tournaments played every year.

Oakhurst Country Club has hosted more championships than any other course in the United States, and was the venue for the US Open in 2016. Designed by Henry Fownes, this legendary course was first opened in 1903. Unusually, there are virtually no water hazards, and since 2007, almost no trees. The course has some two hundred bunkers, and is regarded as one of the most difficult courses in the United States, a fact which would naturally have featured in the more astute punters’ reckoning.

A Major Sports Betting Opportunity

The US Open is one of the great opportunities for sporting bets. Golf betting is still a relatively recent addition to the average online sports betting site. Online sports books are reasonably selective when it comes to the tournaments that they offer odds on. The Major Tournaments will, of course, be included. These giant global golfing events that are the British Open, the Masters, the PGA and the US Open have become some of the largest sporting events in the world.

Golfing aficionados who fancy their chances on predicting winners and would like to place a bet their opinion are, nevertheless able to do so nearly every weekend. In the bigger tournaments, though, the selection of different betting options open to players is obviously broader. At the US Open this would so much more than just the winner of the tournament, but also matchups between individual players, plus other options.

USA Open Golf betting is very popular online, and makes watching the live television coverage of the tournament much more interesting and fun, especially when they have money riding on the players as they come down the back nine for the last time. In the 2016 US Open, the 116th edition of the tournament, the watching world saw Dustin Johnson capture the famous prize. He scored a final, battling 4-under 276, taking home a purse of $1.8 million. Interestingly, the bookmakers had Johnson listed as high as with 16/1 odds as a betting choice to win the 2016 U.S. Open. In 2017, the US Open is due to take place at Erin Hills, Wisconsin.

Successful Wagering

Reputable online sports betting sites cater to an extremely big worldwide market. These betting sites are usually highly competitive, and this can be seen by the large volume of marketing being conducted worldwide. Successful sports betting must be combined with a good appreciation of golf, knowledge of the players involved in the tournaments, and an understanding of the conditions of the environment.